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Which Toledo would
you want to visit?

We will show you Toledo in a pleasant way. We will transmit and reveal in situ the meaning of Toledo’s cultural legacy, through the interpretation of its heritage, helping you discover the meaning of things, places, people or events. I would like to show you the monuments and history of Toledo, also its hidden places, its legends and its secrets.

Although the touristic tours always maintain a theme, during them we will tell about those highlights that characterize or have characterized Toledo: cultural traditions, evolution of the historic center, crafts, gastronomy, parties, etc. We also recommend, whether you come in a group by bus or in your private car, first of all go to the Valley to enjoy the monumental panoramic view of the city.

Would you like to discover it?














These are the new tourist tours in Toledo with which you will discover secret corners of the city, legends, the tradition of the three cultures; the art of El Greco, the mystery of the Toledo night.

This tour in Toledo will also show you the culture of region gastronomy, Jewish Toledo, entrances and bridges to the city …

Tránsito Toledo is an unparalleled experience in Toledo for you to discover the city with your group of friends, family, with children or on school trips.

Monumental Toledo | The jewels of Toledo

Monumental Toledo

The jewels of Toledo

For a first visit to Toledo, the most recommended tour is that of “Toledo Monumental”, in which we will walk through the most emblematic Toledo, taking an essential and complete tour, strolling through the most picturesque streets, taking a complete view of its old town . The visit begins at the Primada Cathedral, the richest and most important Church in Spain. where you will delight in every corner, enjoying its exclusive works of art such as the Custody of Arfe, the Transparent or the Expolio del Greco. It will be one of the most amazing and enriching experiences you will live in Toledo.

We continue the visit in the Church of Santo Tomé, where the most important works of El Greco of Toledo, The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz, are located.

Our next stop takes us to the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, the oldest of the two Sephardic temples of the city, located in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Toledo.

Finally, we will visit the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, built as a funeral pantheon of the Catholic Monarchs, considered a masterpiece of the Hispano-Flemish Gothic style.

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The Three Cultures | The Coexistence of the 3 religions

The Three Cultures

The Coexistence of the 3 religions

During much of the Middle Ages, the Toledo lands were inhabited by people of diverse ethnic and cultural character, living together, more or less harmoniously. It was the Muslims, Jews and Christians, who formed communities separated by their religions, customs, social, legal and even political system. This melting pot of mentalities, ideas, cultures and characters left an imprint so deep in the city that its traces are identifiable in our day.

In the first place we will access the Mosque of Christ of the Light, considered one of the best examples of Caliphate Art in Spain. And from the Muslim era, we went to the Christian, visiting the Mudejar Church of San Román, which houses the Visigoth Museum of the city.

We will continue the walk through the Jewish Quarter, making a stop at the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, an example of a Hebrew temple in the Mudejar style with Nasrid Muslim influence, an example of great beauty, which is a clear example of the power of the Jewish quarter in Toledo medieval times.

Finally, also in the Jewish quarter we will arrive at the Franciscan Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, ordered to be built by the Catholic Monarchs to the architect Juan Guas, as a funeral pantheon, it is the masterpiece of the Gothic-Flemish style.

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Following in the footsteps of El Greco | Painting, life and mysteries

Following in the footsteps of El Greco

Painting, life and mysteries

Doménikos Theotokópoulos, the great Cretan artist lived and worked in the Imperial city for 37 years. Here he made all his maturity works. In this visit we will be able to know the Toledo of Greco, we will follow its steps to know in situ the works that the Greek of Toledo made in the city and we will stop in the evolution of the painter from his arrival to the city of the Tagus until his death.

We begin the visit at the Convent of Santo Domingo el Antiguo, where El Greco made its first commissions in Toledo, this is composed of three altarpieces for the Church of the cistencienses. walking through narrow streets we will arrive at the Jewish quarter, where El Greco Museum is located, housing an Apostolate and Vista and Plano de Toledo, and very close, winding through the streets of Samuel Leví and San Juan de Dios we arrive at the Church of Santo Tomé we will contemplate his great masterpiece, The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz, considered the most complex and rich piece of the painter and one of the deepest works in the history of art. From here we will walk through the streets of El Greco until we reach the Museum of Santa Cruz, hospital of the 16th century, the first renaissance, where great compositions of devotion are exhibited, coming from several parishes of the city.

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The Jewish Quarter of Toledo | The most influential of Sepharad

The Jewish Quarter of Toledo

The most influential of Sepharad

The Jewish presence in the city is documented since Roman times, in the 3rd century, although it is possible that they arrived earlier. With the Visigothic Monarchy, in the century 6th after Christ, constituted a very large colony, with the Muslim occupation in 711, the Jews increased their wealth and the perimeter of their neighborhood and, due to this prosperity, there were many who migrated to Toledo from different points of the Iberian Peninsula and even from Europe, but the best moment for the Jewish community came after the Christian Conquest in 1085, the increase and prosperity of its population occurred because the Christian kings took as Jewish advisers, doctors and treasurers to whom they granted numerous particular benefits and for their communities. More than fifteen Synagogues and five Rabbinic Study Centers came into existence in the 16th century.

On the proposed tour, we will take a walk through the Jewish Quarter, reaching one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Toledo, from where we will enjoy wonderful views.

We will also visit the two existing synagogues, The Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca and The Synagogue of Samuel Leví. which houses the Sephardic Museum, from where we will walk to the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, symbol of the Christianity of the Catholic Monarchs, signifies the beginning of the end for the Jewish community in the city; and we will visit the “Jewish House” located in the heart of the Jewish quarter, a basement that was probably a miqva or Jewish liturgical bath.

We will see the Cambrón’s Gate, former door of the Jews, to finish at the San Martín Bridge, monumental place, where the origin of the community is located.

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Bridges, Gates and Walls | Toledo never was conquered in the attack or the assault

Bridges, Gates and Walls

Toledo never was conquered in the attack or the assault

In the Tourist Route we can contemplate one of the best preserved walls in Spain, and that summarizes in a unique way the main periods of our history and that far from its original defensive character, it is the perfect wrapping for the gift of walking through its streets and admire and enjoy its corners and monuments.

We will be able to visit the interior of the old Gate of Bisagra, or the Gate of Alfonso VI, which preserves the defensive elements, and the arms square, we will see how it is an adarve for the transit of the body of guard, it was the main access to the city until the construction of the emblematic “Puerta de Bisagra”, dating from the period of Carlos I king, when Toledo was the capital of the Empire, conceived as a triumphal entry, where we will access its interior to learn about its history and its legends. then we will arrive at the Gate of the Vado, it is buried by the avatars of its interesting history, which we will reveal in its subsoil. From here we will continue along the wall until we reach the Alcantara Complex, with its Roman-born Bridge and its Gate, giving access to the Islamic Alficén.

The walls of Toledo, have been one of the elements that have most clearly defined the urban landscape of Toledo since its origins, constituted a true model of fortification throughout the ancient world and the Middle Ages. Which have been largely preserved to this day.

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The "Toledana" Night | A magical city

The “Toledana” Night

A magical city

When night falls, Toledo has even more charm, it becomes even more enigmatic at night, so this time of day is a good time to walk through its most hidden streets and learn its secrets through its mythical legends and curious stories of characters who lived in the ancient city.

From the Town Hall Square where we can contemplate one of the most spectacular images of the illuminated Cathedral in such a way that it exalts its currency, from here we will go to the most unknown Toledo, walking through alleys we will reach the sheds that are in the conventual neighborhood, from Here we will wander to the Garcilaso de la Vega square and from here to the Jewish quarter to see the entire Jewish Quarter from a beautiful viewpoint, we will get lost in the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter and discover its history and surprising features.

We invite you to a different route. Do You sign up?

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Tapas in Toledo | The gastronomic and ethnological heritage

Tapas in Toledo

Other senses: taste and smell. The gastronomic and ethnological heritage.

Very interesting are the walks in which we discover cultural heritage combined with the gastronomic and ethnological heritage, to discover the wines of the region and the gastronomy of Toledo with tapas. A guided tour in which all the senses intervene.

Our proposal is to discover the history of the city, wandering through squares and markets and stopping at two of the most authentic places in the city, to taste its best food.

If instead of tapas you prefer to have lunch or dinner, contact us and according to your tastes, we can book a table in a restaurant that fits what you are looking for.

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Santa Maria Cathedral | Primated Cathedral of Toledo

Santa Maria Cathedral

The guided tour that leads us to discover and interpret The Cathedral, is one of the most surprising and enriching experiences we will live in Toledo. Stopping in each of its corners, interpreting them and seeing how art evolves through faith. Consecrated to the Virgin Mary in her Assumption to the heavens, in Gothic style with a clear French influence, it began to be built in 1226, with Ferdinand III as King of Castile. It was finally completed in 1493 under the reign of the Catholic Kings.

In the visit, we will surround its perimeter, walking through the streets and squares, stopping at its doors, towers, and main facade. Already inside we will tour the main spaces and Museums: Chapel of Descent, Custody, Cloister, Chapel of San Blas, Main Chapel, Choir, Crypt, Sacristy where we will enjoy the spectacular art gallery with the Expolio and Apostolate of Greco, and works by Goya, Velazquez, Tiziano… we will pass through the New Kings Chapel, Chapter House and end in “the Transparent”, culminating work of the Spanish Baroque.


Entrance with Museums € 10.00 per person

Group € 9.00

MON-SAT: 10: 30-18: 30

DOM and holidays: 14: 00-18-30

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Tourist bracelet | Visit 7 of the most important monuments of Toledo

Turist Bracelet

With the tourist bracelet we offer you the possibility of knowing 7 of the most important and emblematic monuments of Toledo. For only € 10.00, you can access the seven monuments as many times as you want, while wearing the bracelet.

During the guided tour of the three neighborhoods of the city (Christian, Jewish and Muslim), you will learn about the history of the City of Three Cultures, visiting the interior of 5 monuments, leaving the possibility of seeing the other two on your own.

The bracelet includes the following entries:

Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, unique example of Hispanic Muslim culture. It exhibits a whole sample in medieval Islamic architecture; The Church of the Jesuits, dedicated to San Ildefonso, patron of the city, is a beautiful example of the Baroque Church, which has one of the best panoramic views from its towers to the Toledo village; Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, ordered to build after the Catholic Monarchs, shows the power of the monarchs, in the Gothic style; Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, wonderful and atypical example of Jewish temple in Mudejar style; Church of Santo Tomé, where the Burial of the Lord of Orgaz is located, summit work of El Greco.

The Royal College of Noble Maidens and the Church of the Savior have the entrance included without explanation inside.

tránsito toledo, tour, urban route, toledo 

Carlos V | Discover how the monarch's arrival in Toledo was

Carlos V

Carlos I of Spain, son of Juana I of Castile and Felipe de Habsburg, arrived in Spain in 1517, his arrival was not well received in Castile because of the number of Burgundian advisors who accompanied him and foreshadowed a loss of power of the Castilian Nobility.

In 1520 Castilian cities rose against imperial power, but in 1522 Toledo, the first city to rebel, surrendered and ended the communal uprising.

The emperor settled in Toledo and ordered the “Alcázar” to be reformed, the patio and the magnificent staircase were built, Covarrubias raised the north facade with the great imperial currency, the emperor’s power sign and shield that he gave to the city of Toledo.

In 1530 Carlos was appointed Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, being the most powerful monarch of the time, king of Spain, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia, Duke of Burgundy, sovereign of the Netherlands and archduke of Austria, not counting the possessions of America.

On this route we will visit the San Juan Bautista Hospital (Tavera), the Bisagra Gate and the “Alcázar”, building that today houses the Army Museum.

tránsito toledo, tour, urban route, toledo

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Santa Cruz Museum | An impressive art sample of the counter-reform

Santa Cruz Museum

The museum takes its name from the building that serves as its headquarters, the old Hospital of Santa Cruz, founded by Cardinal Pedro González de Mendoza.

The building was built in the first decades of the 16th century, after the death of its founder, and constitutes one of the architectural masterpieces of Transition to the Spanish Renaissance. In its design and execution, figures such as Antón and Enrique Egas, famous Toledo architects of Flemish origin, and the master Alonso de Covarrubias worked.

Its magnificent facade, dedicated to the devotion of the Holy Cross, its Mudejar and Renaissance coffered ceilings, the main cloister and the splendid staircase of Covarrubias, in the main courtyard, justify by itself the visit to this Museum.

The permanent collection of the museum is divided into Archeology, textiles, ceramics and fine arts. We highlight the art collection of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, an impressive sample of the art of counter-reform, important works of the great masters, which undoubtedly highlight the compositions of El Greco, which we can compare with the art of his contemporaries, Luis Tristán, Ribera Correa de Vivar or Comontes among others.

Entrance € 4.00 (€ 2.00 groups of +10 or Young Card) Sunday: free admission
MON-SAT: 10:00-18:00
DOM: 9:00-15:00

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Isabel I of Castile

Isabel I of Castile

Isabel I of Castile, known as Isabel the Catholic, was with her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon who unified the entire peninsula under the same reign, with the taking of Granada in 1492 concluded 700 years of conquest.

Before reaching the throne she had to overcome many difficulties, after the death of her brother Henry IV of Trastámara a civil war broke out against her illegitimate daughter, Juana la Beltraneja, wife of the King of Portugal, whom he defeated in the battle of Toro, made by which it is ordered to build the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, devised as a royal pantheon, although the conquest of Granada, changed the plans of the last abode of the Catholic Monarchs.

The path of this route begins in the convent of Santa Isabel de los Reyes, we continue in the Primada Cathedral, Salvador Church and will end in the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes.

tránsito toledo, tour, urban route, toledo

San Juan de los Reyes, artesonado claustro alto, tránsito toledo, rutas turísticas, toledo

Army Museum | Alcazar of Toledo

Army Museum

The Alcazar of Toledo, for its strategic place, has always remained attached to the history of the city, it was the seat of the Roman praetor, Visigoth palace and Islamic fortress, although the current structure is from the time of Carlos I, the central courtyard of Covarrubias , which together with the stairs are the most interesting pieces of the building. He has suffered three fires and as many wars.

Inside it also houses the Army Museum, the Library of Castilla-La Mancha. The former Alcazar building has been used for the Permanent Exhibition. It is structured in thematic rooms and historical discourse rooms in which a chronological tour of the military history of Spain is presented. The new building houses temporary exhibitions and other units.

During the visit we will explore the military history of Spain through uniforms, decorations, flags, firearms, armor, miniatures, …

Admission € 5.00 (under 18 free) Sunday: free admission
MAR-DOM: 10:00-17:00

tránsito toledo, tour, urban route, toledo

ALCAZAR, museo del ejército, tránsito toledo, rutas turísticas, toledo

Underground | One city over another

Underground Tour

Toledo has been built on different levels, building new constructions on old foundations and overlapping centuries of history layer by layer.

We will descend to Toledo from 2,000 years ago and walk under the bustling streets of the city through an intricate set of tunnels that although they are not connected, could take us from one end to another of Toledo.

We will enter Arab baths, Roman baths, caves loaded with legends of heroes such as Hercules or ancient basements used as ritual baths by Jews.

In this route you can visit Arab: Well of the Savior, Roman Baths of Amador de los Ríos, Caves of Hercules and the House of the Jew.

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We adapt to your interests, schedules and needs


In Tránsito, the clients are who choose the duration of private visits, start time of the tour, and departure point, you can choose one of the proposed routes or choose one of the monuments, being able to change the route, we adapt to the customer demands, according to preferences, can be chosen within the wide range of cultural heritage offered by Toledo, inherited from its more than 3000 years of history.

We can include some tapas in a tavern of a lifetime, or the entrance to underground spaces that are closed to the public.

If you visit Toledo in a group of friends, family or business, a private visit is the best option, you will have an Official Tourism Guide exclusively for you. And we as tourist creatives offer you the most attractive options and you choose.

If you want to receive offers write us an email o phone us.


Discover living history of Toledo

The best way to discover history is to live it and this is why we offer the possibility to discover our cultural past, our history, and the characters that made it possible, in a delightful and pleasant way. We adapt our guided tours and activities depending on the groups that carry them out, from Early Childhood Education to University students. Our objective is to show in situ where and how our ancestors lived and in which places relevant facts and chapters were produced for the History of Spain, while we decipher the keys to interpret the immense cultural heritage that Toledo possesses. We reveal History in an entertaining and didactic way, in the best possible scenario, being able to combine routes and visits to monuments with other dynamics, art or gastronomic workshops, historical recreations, and other games adapted to the Different ages and curricular programs. We make groups know the city and its history in a different and fun way, making your visit to Toledo an unforgettable experience.

If you want to receive offers write us an email o phone us. 






























In Transit we offer our services to the groups of professionals who choose Toledo as the destination for their meetings and congresses.

We conduct private visits for companies participating in congresses or their companions during their celebration. Discover with Tránsito the options of routes that we offer you, strengthen working relationships between colleagues with cultural and gastronomic visits, in a relaxed and relaxed environment, strengthen teamwork with gastronomy, ceramics or engraving workshops. 

Involve your company in an urban gymkana through the old town of Toledo, foster personal relationships and strengthen team spirit through streets full of history and legends, pass tests and achieve the ultimate goal, taking Toledo.

If you want to receive offers write us an email o phone us.














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